What is there to see in the area?

Picturesque wine villages

Many of the villages dotted along the wine road (Weinstraße) are very old, quirky and full of timber-framed houses, shaded courtyards, small palaces and ornate Victorian villas of the wine barons.

A number are overlooked by the impressive ruins of mediaeval castles, which offer splendid views across the Rhine valley.

Best explored on foot, bicycle or motorcycle.
Vineyards stretch as far as one can see, and everywhere there are cosy little restaurants and wine bars to sample the local produce. 

Wine festivals are frequent from February until November, inviting visitors to explore the local viticulture and hearty cuisine.

Deidesheim, Forst, Wachenheim, Gimmeldingen, Battenberg, St. Martin, Edenkoben, Rhodt unter Rietburg, Freinsheim... the list is long.

Historic towns

Neustadt an der Weinstrasse has the largest collection of the oldest surviving buildings in the Palatinate, several going back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Many newer additions to the town architecture show the long progression of civic prosperity unspoiled by wars.

Bad Dürkheim, Landau, Freinsheim, Deidesheim, Speyer and many more towns in the area sport an impressive architectural variety across the ages. All merit a visit, with museums displaying wonderful artefacts and town history.

Places of cultural interest abound in the region, vying with the shops and eateries for the attention of international visitors.  
Moderen attractions, such as the huge  Technical Museum in Speyer and the Holiday Park in Hassloch provide interesting entertainment for all ages.

The Palatinate woods (Pfälzer Wald)

The vast green forests that cover the hills lining the west side of the Rhine valley down to the French border (and far beyond) provide nature lovers, ramblers, mountain-bikers, cyclists and motorcyclists with an enormous network of paths and roads to explore, away from the noise and congestion of the cities.

The superb network is maintained by the Pfälzerwald Verein, including many places to eat and drink at well-spaced intervals along the routes. Maps and apps guide visitors safely through the seemingly endless woods.

Whether for a short walk or a long-distance ramble, as soon as you step into the green glades, their soothing light takes hold and stress falls away. 

Come and explore this vast area of outstanding natural beauty!